Trigger problem w. non moving objects (Already searched community/web)

Hi everybody. I’m new to unity but already gotten quite far.
I’m building a turn based RPG where players move from tiles positioned by the artist. (Move system independent og actual level geometry)
When the player is initialized he is placed at a spawn trigger specified in the GUI.
Now what I want is to get a trigger event when the player is on a tile. The player then “reads” the info for the given tile to know it’s exits/properties etc. I’ve only tested the case where the player is placed on the spawn tile.

But it’s not working (I get not OnTrigger event. Or any other collision event for that matter). The player has a capsule collider and the tiles are triggers (has IsTrigger flagged and OnTrigger event code attached + box collider). I read here and on the web something about collision not working when the objects are not moving or have a rigidbody attached. Since I don’t want a rigid body but just the collision, do you guys have any suggestions on what might be wrong?

Also I’ve seen a suggestion that the physics engine might deem an object asleep but since I don’t use rigid bodies that is not the issue.
Logging suggests that the player is placed on the spawn tile before the spawn tiles Start functions is called but I don’t really see that as a problem.

Thanks in advance


Collision events are only sent when at least one of the two colliding objects has a non-cinematic rigidbody attached to it. No rigidbodies = no collision events.

However, you don’t need to handle this via the collision system at all. You have an object representing the map, which consists of a number of tiles. You’re probably using some sort of cordinate system to tell tiles from each other (like in chess - there is only one a4 tile on the board). You also have an object representing a character. You know which tile the character is leaving and which tile it’s entering. All you need to do is call your own functions on respective tiles when you commence the character’s move.

I found if you move a 1e-08 value (min) while idle, the colliders don’t optimize out as stationary and you would have to stand around for a long time to slide anywhere. You can’t use Y with a character controller as gravity optimizes it out. I use a PlayMaker SimpleMove action at +1 Z @ 1e-08 speed in the idle controller for all my mobiles.