Trigger Sound to Play Globally Not on Triggered Object


I feel a little silly posting the same script here. But I’m lost trying to add multiple functionality to it I don’t understand, and don’t want to link people to the other post just to see the script.

So, I have this script:

public class SoundOnTrigger : MonoBehaviour {

	public AudioCollection sounds;

	void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) {
		if(other.tag != "Player") 

		if( != null) {
		else {


The problem with it is that it plays the sound on whatever object the trigger comes from. I need the sound to stay with the player and not sound like it’s come from a 3D space. Think like a narrator in the scene. Or if the main character was talking at certain points while the player is triggering scripts. If the sound sounds like it’s coming from a spot in the room the player can walk away from, it doesn’t work. Games that are a great example of what I’m trying to do are Dear Esther and The Stanley Parable.

Thank you for your time! I understand everyone has a life! It means a lot even when I see this thread has views. Looking forward to any insight anyone has. Thanks!

Uncheck 3D sound in the sound’s options!

alt text

Hope this helps =]