Trigger to make another trigger to appear?

Hello guys, I’m making a horror game, and i’m having a trouble with one collider to creat a jumpscare.
What i need is - A trigger to make another trigger to appear because i want a trigger with a monster to appear near a door after the player enters a house
It’s something like . you enter the house but when you came out BUM the monster appear.

I’me using this:

var ThisTrigger : GameObject;

function Start () {



function OnTriggerEnter () {

ThisTrigger.SetActive (true); 


to make the second trigger appear, but it only work on the unity window. When i build the game it wont work.

Can please someone help me?
Sorry for my English.
Thank you sincerely

I don’t know what’s wrong specifically, but I see two general problems:

First, variable names should not start with a capital letter. You want to call it “thisTrigger.” Or better yet, thisMonster, because it does not reference a Collider so calling it thisTrigger is confusing.

Second, you’re setting a specific gameObject to activate when any trigger is entered. You will need to check the name or tag of the gameObject you collided with and make sure it is the right one before you do anything.

How are you assigning the value of thisTrigger?

What if you used the activateTrigger script that comes with unity, to enable a secondary triggerzone (as in you walk through the door (the entrance has a collider so that when you walk through the door it activates the script to Enable a new collider to appear at that spot, and when that NEW collider is passed through (as in exiting the building) it uses the ActivateTrigger script again to enable the monster (something along those lines)