Trigger to some, Collider to others

Alright, should be a quick n’ easy question. Just doing some due diligence before I commit to an alternative.

Can one collider on an object act as both a collider and a trigger, depending on the interacting object’s layer?

Since I’m reasonably sure that’s a no, based wholly on the following, what alternative would be preferable? Please ignore the apparent size/shape discrepancy I mention in my proposition.

Scene Description:
250+ boxes, kinematic rigidbodies, static once instantiated, box colliders
50+ spheres, free rigidbodies, sphere colliders
Boxes don’t interact with each other, only with spheres.

3 Alternatives:
Adding 250 sphere colliders as triggers, which likewise only interact with our 50 spheres
Performing 250 * 50 distance checks, perhaps distributed over several frames or…
250 frequent calls to Physics.OverlapSphere() looking for those 50 spheres (masking)

All 3 would give me what I need, which is OnTriggerStay() or a fair approximation, but which method sounds most appropriate from a performance standpoint?

Thanks a million,

Yes you can. You need to call the collider and set the trigger to true.

collider.isTrigger = true;