Trigger triggering for attached object

So I have this sphere collider attached to my player, that’s meant to fire a trigger for when another object enters the sphere… but all it does is fire off for the player, so when I do Debug.Log(other.gameObject.Tag) my debug log gets filled up with “Player” which is what the sphere is attached to… Is there any way to make it just, not do this, cause I need to fire off for, not the player, but all it does is fire off for the player and nothing else, not even if I move near a cube, it’s like all it cares about is the player

Update: It randomly started acknowledging other objects, but I still want it to just ignore the player completely, and a heads up, putting if(other.gameObject.Tag == “Player”) break; won’t do any good because if it’s a player it doesn’t get past the first line anyway.

Use the layer based collision matrix