Triggering events in 2D point and click game with no player character?

I’m working on a point and click game (akin to Deponia (but not that ambitious)) Basically it’s a game where you click on objects and through rooms (and occasional puzzles). But the game does not have an actual character that moves around and interact with them. Each scene is basically one frame with various interactable objects that triggers different reactions.

All the interactable objects are on the screen, they all consist of one object and two child objects: The parent object contains the box collider, event trigger and interactable script. The two children consist of an interaction location, and a set of reactions.

But if there is no ‘player character’ on the screen, it cannot move toward the interaction location to activate the reactions.

My question is: Is the interaction location obsolete? And what properties does a player character, that doesn’t appear, move nor interact with the gameworld in any way, need?

I’m using Unity’s 3D adventure game template as template for my game.

It depends on the type of experience you wish to provide in your game. Even if there is no on-screen representative for a player, the user is the player. What I mean is, the camera will become the players’ gameObject. You can either utilise the camera object as stand-alone, make it a child of an empty gameobject called ‘Player’ so you can apply a level of control from a parent, or have a stand-alone empty gameobject to act as a placeholder for a player with player interaction controls, with a reference to the camera.
I really hope that i understood the concept of your game, otherwise everything I just suggested is complete rubbish :confused: