Triggering triggers without moving

Hi guys!

I'm currently making a scrolling shooter and I want to use triggers to spawn enemies and set off other events. However I've noticed that triggers don't go off unless the player is actively moving as he passes through it. So if the player isn't moving the avatar and the trigger passes through him, nothing happens. (Using OnTriggerEnter)

Is there any way to work around this or should I start setting up timelines for spawns instead?

If your player object isn't moving, the physics engine may have deemed it "asleep". You can force it to stay awake by calling WakeUp on the rigidbody every fixed update, like this:

function FixedUpdate() {

This may solve your problem.

Read more about Rigidbody Sleeping here.

Sounds like you need to add rigidbodies to your trigger colliders, and/or move them with physics (AddForce( might help) or use code-based triggers such as "if player.x > 10"