Trouble adding a fixed camera to a third person controller.

Hi guys,

I am relatively new to unity. Currently I have a third person character with its own third person camera. What I wish to do is add a fixed camera behind my Character so that it has an extra +Z axis offset and I can look up a hill on my terrain throughout the gameplay. I have created an extra Camera GameObject and made it a child of the 3rd person character. I have positioned it the way I wish to but now the WASD controls control the camera’s orientation and not the Character’s motion. I wish to be able to control the Character’s motion with these controls and still have the fixed camera follow my character.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Are you sure? If you’ve attached a camera to a 3rd person controller, when you push ‘A’ the character will turn to the left. And if you’ve attached the camera to the character it will rotate around it to the right to stay behind the character.