Trouble Attaching Unity Editor to Process for MonoDevelop debugging'...

Hello and Thank you in advance!
I have most recently been using MonoDevelop with Unity 2017.3 and have had no problems. A few days ago I downloaded Unity 2019.4 (plus Unity Hub) and began having problems locating the MonoDevelop editor.
I read online that to get MonoDevelop to work with Unity 2019, I needed to download the MonoDevelop editor that came with Unity 2017. Since I already had it installed, I simply pointed to it in “Preferences” and I was able to successfully open and edit scripts from the Unity IDE.
When I tried to run the debugger, the system kept telling me to select a process to atach the editor to. There are seven (7) processes listed.: Unity Editor (Unity Package Manager), Unity Editor (CrashHandler64), Unity Editor (Unity Hub), Unity Editor (Unity Hub), Unity Editor (Unity Hub), Unity Editor (Unity Hub), and Unity Editor (Unity). When I try connecting to the first 6 processes I get the error message “Could not connect to the debugger” When I try to connect to the last process (Unity), I get a plethora of windows (I stopped counting at 64) that say “The vm is not suspended”.
What am I doing wrong? OS is Windows 10.

Well, at this point, I need to get on with my debugging, so I am willing to try Visual studio Code. However, performing a search on my system for “vscode” results in several hits.
Can some kind soul tell me which “vscode” I need to point to in the external editor preferences screen?