Trouble calling a function...

Hello. This is the function I want to call.

function SPAWNER (){ 
for (var A = 0; A < 10; A++)        
Instantiate(SPAWN[0], new Vector3(Random.Range(-31, 21), -1, Random.Range(-8, 15)),     Quaternion.identity);
for (var B = 0; B < 1; B++)     
Instantiate(SPAWN[1], new Vector3(Random.Range(-31, 21), -1, Random.Range(-8, 15)),       Quaternion.identity);}

When I call it with:

function Start () {Invoke ("SPAWNER", 0);}

It works fine. But, when I try to call it with this (it is in another script) It doesn't work, and the console just says "Trying to Invoke method: Breakout_Weapon.SPAWNER couldn't be called.". What is wrong? Thanks

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider){
    if ( ==  "Goal(Clone)")  {Breakout_Player.SCR+=500*Breakout_Player.WAV; Destroy (other.gameObject); Invoke ("SPAWNER", 0);}}

Why not put an empty game object where you want the "trigger" to be, and get the distance between the player and the game object, and so...

//Make this only happen once (Can be per a spawner if you put it on the empty gameobject)
var times = 0;

if(Distance <= 1 && times == 0)

Put that in the update function by the way...

Hope this helps!