Trouble displaying random sprite of random colour

Hi, I’m hoping someong can help me out with this problem I’m having:

I’m trying to display a random shape (which is a UI Image) and make it a random colour. I have 5 random shapes in my shapes array and 5 random colours in my colour array (for example, display a red square, or blue circle). I have a separate script for the shape colours so that I can match the colour word to the colour of the actual shape.

Currently, when I run my game, I can see that a shape of a random colour has been set, but the image is not displaying on the screen (see screenshot). When I remove the code that sets the shape colour, a random shape is displayed on the screen (white). I am not sure why I can’t get a coloured image to be displayed. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

public class ShapeColours : MonoBehaviour
    public Color shapeColour;
    public string shapeColourName;

public class ColourLevelManager : MonoBehaviour
    //array of shape colours and shapes
    [SerializeField] ShapeColours[] shapeColours;
    public Sprite[] shapes;

    //array of colour words
    [SerializeField] public string[] colourWord;
    public Text targetText;
    public Image stimulusShape;

    private void Start()

public void LevelOneNewColour()
        //random target colour word:
        int randomWord = Random.Range(0, colourWord.Length);
        targetText.text = colourWord[randomWord];

        //random shape
        int randomShape = Random.Range(0, shapes.Length);
        stimulusShape.sprite = shapes[randomShape];

        //random shape colour
        int randomShapeColour = Random.Range(0, shapeColours.Length);
        stimulusShape.color = shapeColours[randomShapeColour].shapeColour;

In your second screenshot, your (orange) colour seems to have an alpha value of 0 (the black bar under your colour in the Inspector), which means that your image has become completely transparent. So definitely check how these colours are generated/set (particularly the alpha).

You can try this :

int randomShapeColour = Random.Range(0, shapeColours.Length);
Color colorRef = shapeColours[randomShapeColour].shapeColour;
stimulusShape.color = new Color(colorRef.r, colorRef.g, colorRef.b, 1f);