Trouble loading sounds into array

Hey everyone. I’m trying to load a handful of sound files into an array via Javascript but the zeroth spot refuses to cooperate. I have all the sound file’s names in a string array and load the audio clip array using a for loop. Initially I thought the problem was the for loop but tried manually loading individual slots and found that all besides the very first slot will load via the script. If I try dragging and dropping a file from the resources folder into the array during runtime it works fine but players obviously can’t do that. Has anybody ever run into a problem like this before or does anybody have a possible solution?

Here’s basically what the JS looks like;

var sound  = new AudioClip[6];
var sfile : String[] = ["Chime_01","Fireball_01","Roar_01","Snarl_01","Stomp_01","Sword_01"];

then later in Start()…

for ( var j : int = 0; j < 6; j++){
	sound[j] = Resources.Load(sfile[j]);

Then in inspector I always see this…


size 6

Element 0 None(Audio Clip)

Element 1 Fireball_01

Element 2 Roar_01

Element 3 Snarl_01

Element 4 Stomp_01

Element 5 Sword_01

bizarre… Anyways thanks for your help in advance.

I’ve tried the same thing, but it worked for me. I had problems initially because my sound files were in the wrong folder, so all elements of sound[] became empty - but I had no error messages. When I finnally put the files in the right folder, it worked for all elements of the array. Could the first file name of your list be misspelled, or in a folder other than Resources?