Trouble Opening Unity 2018's download assistant on OSX Yosemite

Hello everyone! I’ve installed Unity 2018 1.6, and ran into some trouble. On Unity’s website, it states that OS X 10.9 or higher should be compatible with Unity 2018. I’m currently running Yosemite 10.10 on my Macbook Pro. Upon installing the download assistant, I tried to use it; however, a message pops up, saying that the application requires an OS X of 10.11+. Is this a mistake on Unity’s part, or is Yosemite not very compatible with Unity 2018? If not, I will stick with Unity 5.6. Any help on troubleshooting this problem is appreciated, thank you.

i am also having this program and am unable to update to 10.11, only high sierra which will cause other software issues.