Trouble understanding animation

I have created a robot in Qubicle Consturctor, which is a 3D voxel modeling tool. I exported him and imported him in to unity using Qubicle Unite. Now I want to set up animations to make him walk, jump, run ect. I have looked at a few different tutorials, but if someone here could point me in the right direction that would be great. I haven’t gone through all the animation tutorials on the learn section., but I wanted to know if you guys had any idea of what I should do. BTW, when I click on him in the project view and go to the rig tab, select Humanoid, it says: Not enough bones to create human avatar (requires 15)

Thanks a bunch! I am still very new to Unity. Also I do have Unity Pro if that is important.

when in Cubicle did you create a rig? … Is that even a possibility in Cubicle ?
I`m afraid I have never used it, but I imagine this is your current issue before any thing else needs addressing.
You need to add whats known as a bipedal skeleton/rig.

once this is in and exported with the model to unity, you can use the rigging options to select “Humanoid” option. this ill then try to match your rig to Mecanim for easy animations between multiple models through avatar definitions etc.
Take care , hope that helps a little, sorry I dont know more asbout Cubicle to let you know if it is capable of Rigs too