Trouble with asset server


We’ve been using asset server for a long time now, and something quite strange happened today.

Warning: Full walkthrough

I had a trouble with my current game build. So I decided to revert to a previous version.

I did it, built the game and got the same trouble. I saw that I had local changes which
I had forgotten to discard so I discarded them all. (by right click on server Discard changes)

After that the asset server kind of stopped working. If I try to connect, it seems like nothing is happening. If I ask to show project I have the correct list of projects.

So now, everything is greyed out, even local changes. It checks the version but always says there’s no changes. I can’t commit, I can’t update.

The same is happening on every projects. I can’t start a new project and connect it to another one either.

Don’t know what happenned exactly. The only thing left seems to be re-installing unity.

Have someone ever encountered the same issue already? Can’t find anything or the right keywords to find any informations.

I found that in your project folder there is .meta files if you right click and show in explorer. If you open it in a text tile and Add a line at the top: “UpdateAssetServer: 12.13.12” (Really doesn’t matter as long as you change the meta file and then save it) It will show up in the asset server folder and can be committed. @SeikoTheWiz