Trouble with car flipping on collision

I’m attempting to make a reasonably realistic car in Unity. Currently the handling is fine and the car doesn’t flip if I steer from side to side at a high speed however if I drive straight into a wall it ends up flying backwards spinning madly.

The car is meant to be used on uneven terrain so I can’t check the angle of rotation of the body and limit it. I’ve been trying to use mass to try and weigh it down or angular drag however the drag does impact on the responsiveness of the steering.

The wall is another rigidbody and I’ve locked it’s position and rotation and tried it at different masses relative to the car.

Any help would be appreciated.

Okay so it turns out the real issue was that I attached a rigidbody to a static object and I should just just attached a collider instead of both.

With the rigidbody removed from the wall everything works as expected.