Trouble with creating objects

I’m a month old to Unity, but not new to programming. I created a class in my GameManager script and am trying to create an object of that class in my PlayerController script. This is as far as I have gotten:

public class PlayerController : MonoBehavior {
    private GameManager.Boundaries boundariesClass;
    void Start() {
        boundariesClass = GameObject.Find("Game Manager").GetComponent<GameManager.Boundaries>();

I have been able to use functions from getting the GameManager script this way, and I can even access methods inside of the Boundaries class using boundariesClass.customMethod, however I have been struggling how to simply create a class of type Boundaries:

Boundaries myBoundaries = new Boundaries();

I swear I have done my research and have come up empty handed (everything I find is about creating objects from a class that is in the same script the object is being created in). Thanks in advance.

Figured it out, I just have to create a new script that doesn’t derive from monobehavior.