Trouble with mesh colliders

Hello everyone,

I need to detect collision/trigger with 2 mesh colliders and making them convex does not work for me.

I have a wire and a loop, the user has to guide the loop through the path/circuit of the wire without touching it.
check the attatched picture.

First problem is that, I am obliged to use mesh collider for both,
(the path gets more curly and its not a solution to use many primitive colliders)

since collision is detected bwtween 2 mesh colliders, only it they are convex.

Making them convex results in a collider just like a box collider, check the second picture

In this case I am stuck, can’t detect dollision?
Then I came up with an idea of adding child primitive colliders to the loop (the grey donut) since it was simpler and easier than adding to the circuit! check the third picture
, I am not sure if this is the right way to do because it sucks, if I had the loop an another shape (like heart or start), will I make 50 shpere colliders to make up a star?

Waiting for hints :slight_smile:

How about a very simple solution like this :-

Instead of attaching so many colliders… just add one sphere collider within the empty space of the donut… Then check your conditions on collision exit or trigger exit… I mean most of the times the wire would be inside the collider… But on exit, it actually touches the ring… GameOver… On collision exit or trigger exit, just stop the movement, so that it does not pass through the mesh… I believe it might just work…