Trouble with sendmessage

I've got this in a script attached to a rocket launcher: (FYI, Projectile is a public variable of type GameObject, I set it by dragging the prefab of a specific type of projectile to the inspector).

                    Instantiate(Projectile, transform.position + ProjectileOffset, transform.rotation);
                Projectile.SendMessage("SetTarget", _target, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

This creates a projectile at the launcher location, points it at the target, and tries to let the projectile know who its target it.

In the Projectile GameObject's projectile script, I have this:

public void SetTarget(GameObject target)
    Debug.Log("Setting target to " + target);
    Target = target;

For some reason, this never gets called, even though the projectile is being created and "launched". Any ideas on why this method isnt getting called, or perhaps a different approach to take?

You're trying to SendMessage to the actual prefab. You need a reference to the instantiated clone that exists in the scene:

GameObject projectileClone = (GameObject)Instantiate(Projectile, transform.position + ProjectileOffset, transform.rotation);
projectileClone.SendMessage("SetTarget", _target, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

As an aside, I'd recommend sticking to the convention of using lowercase for variable names and upper case for classes and types, because otherwise it gets confusing as to what you're referring to.