Trouble with Server Client connection

I’ve been following closely with this tutorial here:
link text

Seems I can get it to work locally but when I copy the “Client” app over to another PC I can’t make a connection to the one that has the server???

Any ideas as to why??

For one thing HOW is this number determined?? I have tried numerous variations and the ONLY port ID I can get to work is the one the guy provided in the tutorial but it ONLY seems to work locally on the machine that both the client and server are running on so what’s the point of that??

private int port = 5701; //5701;

the port number can be any number up to 65535. but several of these numbers are reserved for other things and some numbers are commonly used by other popular programs so it good to avoid these numbers when picking a port. you should be able to google a list of commonly used port numbers

if you have a server at home for example, your router is the the first thing that gets the data from the client.
the port number is so that the router knows what device to forward the message to.

to run a server you would need to setup port forwarding in your router so when the router sees a message with this port number it forwards the data to the proper PC on the router.

so the port number you use in your client code needs to match the port number set inside the servers router!

the port number is there so that when messages are sent to a public IP address. the router can forward to a Local IP address. then of course the device running the server code needs to always have the same Local address. this is called having a static IP.

google “port forwarding”.
and google “static IP address”.

to get a more specific idea on how these things work