Trouble with triggers and colliders

Hi, I’m having some issues with the triggers and collisions in my game…
In the image below, there are 6 objects: A, B, C, D, E and F
The idea is that once object A collides with object E, it sends the information to object C, and same goes for the other side. When B collides with F, it sends the information to object D.

What ACTUALLY happens, is that once A touches object E, it sends the info both to C and D.

Objects A and B are the same prefab (Different names tho), and have the same script.
object A is a child of C, and B is a child of D.

Please help me I’ve tries everything! :frowning:


I hope I understand your issue correctly. If you are looking to get more discreet collisions, try using:

if(col.transform.tag == "Object_A"){
//Do the collision
if(col.transform.tag == "Object_B"){
//Do the other collision... etc.