Troubles with Skeleton Tracking SDK for Intel Realsense from Cubemos

Hi there,

at the moment i have got a trial version of the Skeleton Tracking SDK to figure out if its working as expected. I have ordered the realsense D435 camera and tried to get the Skeleton Tracking SDK running in Unity3D (2018.4.11f1). But i always get two error messages

  • “DllNotFoundException: realsense2”
  • “RealSense pipeline not initialized!”

I tried the troubleshooting as explained in the added pdf.

  • Rebooted System … Nothing changed
  • CUBEMOS_SKEL_SDK with the Path C:\Program Files\Cubemos\SkeletonTracking was already inserted to the systempaths so i additionally added CUBEMOS_SKEL_SDK\bin with the corresponding Path C:\Program Files\Cubemos\SkeletonTracking\bin
    This did not change anything, too.

I have to mention, that the unity wrapper examples from realsense work. The exe files in the Cubemos Skeleton Tracking SDK bin directory are working too (when i start dem from the explorer). The realsenseviewer from INTEL is also working without any problems as far as i have tested it. I followed the installation instructions in the Cubemos Skeleton Tracking SDK Getting Started PDF, run post_installation.bat and followed the step with the result of “success”.

I really do not know what to do next.
Can you please help me out and give me any advice to just get into testing this camera?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. i am on win10 x64

Were you able to get the Cubemos SDK to work?

What I was experiencing was:

  • the Cubemos SDK worked in the Unity editor
  • it did not work when I built and exported a Unity Windows app & ran the Unity Windows app.

The solution was to copy all the DLL’s from the Cubemos C:\Program Files\Cubemos\SkeletonTracking\bin folder to the same folder as the {Some Project Name}.exe.