Troubleshoot a Browser Based Game Crash

Hi, I was in-game firing away and my game crashed with the entire window instance gone, with, unfortunately, my data (or more like the wind I suppose). So, I fired the game up again in another browser, visited my character, and I had negative experience points to the next level.

How do I handel that?

Question: For Web based Crashes: is there something simple that I can include on relevant scripts? Like a global save data?

First of all, submit a bug with instructions on how to reproduce the issue. If a unity game crashes, it is a bug, and we'd like to fix it. But we can only do so if we know about it.

Second, check your log files for any error messages or asserts. You can try installing the developer Unity plugin, which might output some more information. If anything interesting is printed there, it might help you or us to find out what is going on.

Third, try to find out what is causing it. You can see if attaching the debugger reveals any useful informations. As a last resort, binary search your project by making a copy, and then removing parts from it, until it works again, and repeat that, until you know exactly what causes it to break. When it's a script of yours, add many Debug.Logs throughout the script, to see which parts work and when it fails.

When it's our bug, you may not be able to fix it (but we probably can, given that we have a report), but when you know what causes it, you should be able to find a workaround.