Trove or Cube World-like slashing animation.

Hey, I’m a total beginner in unity. I’ve just started to learn this engine 2 days ago. I always wanted to make that dream game: open world RPG, quests, enhancements and all the good stuff. But, I was wondering what can I use to animate “sword slashing” movement like the one in Trove or Cube World (It’s a game that I loved so much.) I have heard about this thing called “Inverse Kinematics” that is used to execute some kind of movement (still kind of confused here). I will have separated hands, head, feet. This means that they are separated from the torso. I would also like to make this game in a 3rd person shooter perspective. So to conclude this, I basically wanted to ask 2 (two) questions:

  1. What is an “Inverse Kinematics” and what is the potential of using it? (as simple as possible please :slight_smile: )
  2. How can I make an animation of sword slashing just like the ones in Trove or Cube World? Also, what do I need to create one? (I think that’s 3 questions.)

Any help will be very appreciated.

Inverse Kinematics is basicly buildIn function that uses animator component to reach wanted point by wanted limb of you character (animator limb). Before using it you must allow IK in animator editor so your character won’t grab things using ex. torso instead of arm.

Here is example script that allows for easy use of IK: EXAMPLE

For animation you may use trail renderer with white color and short lifetime (in trail renderer it’s called just time and to change color you need material with white color, and probably some nice transparency). To use it with nice effects you may want to make few empty gameobjects with your trail renderer inside sword or anything you have. here’s image:
In This sword there are 5 trail renderers, you probably can say where.
Trail Renderer is in Effects.
Hope this helps :wink: