Trying to achieve smoothness in drift like sling drift?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to make a game like sling drift. For the drifting part I’ve attached a fixed joint component to the hook and attached car’s rigid body to it so when i click on the mouse the joint becomes enabled and it rotates the car around the corners. However when i release the mouse button i disable the fixed joint but car keeps going in the direction of in which it’s released and doesn’t stabilizes itself and doesn’t comes back in the direction of the road. Any way from which i can achieve the smoothness in drift like sling drift?

Did you got this?

You need to know which way you want it to rotate and use a Slerp to make it smooth.

transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(whenMouseReleased.rotation, road.rotation, timeCount);
timeCount = timeCount + Time.deltaTime;

If you wish to make it smother you can use @Uni010 's code and when he references timeCount instead do
timeCount = timeCount + Time.smoothDeltatime;