Trying to add GUI to my JS but won't allow me to add the Inspector

Okay, so I have scoured the internet and read through a lot of forums so I apologize in advance if this is a moronic question. I am reading Unity 3D Game Development and it keeps referring to these drop down arrows (circled in BLUE) that I don’t seem to have. Curious as to whether or not it is a version issue for one (This is how is refers to adding the GUI that I have created). Second while looking though forums the only example that I found was to add it through a script is this correct or incorrect? The end result of what I am trying to accomplish is shown in the image that I attached circled in RED… Thanks in advance for any support and help.


Its a version issue. In my current version it is circles and not arrows.

If you do not get what is circled in read, chances are that there is an error in the script, and cant be compiled. Check the console for error messages.

I would take a basic video tutorial to get basic grasp on Unity before continuing reading the book. There are many good videos on youtube.

Here is one of the better ones in my opinion CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Help - CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Feedback