Trying to cast a ray towards a canvas but an invisible copy(?) of the canvas is blocking the way.


I have a menu that consists of a Canvas, a panel and some buttons on the panel. The canvas is a children ob my left controller (it’s an VR application btw).

Whenever I try to cast a ray towards the canvas it is blocked. I can clearly see it because I’m using a laserpointer in the application. With the laserpointer I can see that the invisible object has the same outlines as the menu canvas. There is a little gap between both objects, so if I move my controller past the invisible object, I can use the menu just fine.

Any idea what could cause this? I’m 100% that there isn’t a second canvas on my scene and the object has the same name as the menu canvas.


Ok wait, it works if I deactivate the “VRTK_UI Canvas” script. But I need this for the buttons to work?