Trying to change the alpha on a particle system.

I’ve tried many ways to try and adjust the color for a particle system. Nothing I do changes the color. I’ve tried to change the starting color, but I realized that I have to restart the partical system to make that update, which I do not want. So I tried changing the color over lifetime, but that has no results either. The code I’ve got currently is:

        float alpha;

        float maxDistFromPlayer = 100f;

        float numerator = Mathf.Clamp(distance, 0, maxDistFromPlayer);
        float denominator = maxDistFromPlayer;
        float percent = Mathf.Clamp((numerator / denominator), 0, 1);
        alpha = 255 * percent;

        particleColor = new Color(startingColor.r, startingColor.g, startingColor.b, alpha);
        colorModule.color = new ParticleSystem.MinMaxGradient(particleColor, particleColor);

Turns out, alpha is anywhere from 0 to 1. So once I removed multiplying the percent by 255, that fixed the issue.