Trying to change the "camera.transparencySortAxis" to a new vector3 in runtime. [SOLVED]

Title says it all. I am making a 2D game where the camera rotates and the player it moved based on AddRelativeForce. However this changes the Y axis and therefore the new 5.6 sorting group which is so nice gets all messed up.

My idea was to change the:

  camera.transparencySortAxis = new Vector3(**insert vectors based on players position**); 

however this does not work.

any ideas? This feature is relatively new so I cannot find information on how to do this anywhere.

Fixed this:

Documentation is a bit poor:

Although it says there that you need to type in:


it does not mention that you need to add:

using UnityEngine.Rendering;

at the top. I will remember to look for that in the future. Hope this helps someone.