Trying to connect to a bluetooth device on windows


I am currently trying to connect to a bluetooth device that streams information about its orientation. However unity doesn’t give me the option to open up a serial port because my project doesn’t allow me to import System.IO.SerialPort namespace.
I have found several solutions and most of them need some sort of man in the middle.

  1. Write a native plugin. The issue is that I am not familiar with c++
  2. Write a man in the middle process .

I am more comfortable writing a man in the middle process however Unity seems to be limited with IPC communications. I could write a WCF service. IS there anyone who has faced similar challenges with interprocess communications and unity?

So if anyone comes across this post, I worked around this issue by writing a TCP pipeline to a windows based process that pipes bluetooth data back to Unity. I can go further in detail if anyone is interested, just comment here.

I am very much interested too. Has there been any progress?