Trying to create a script that changes an objects material when collision occurs, help? C#

I have an object that will be the subject of collision damage when impacted by another object in a game. Depending on the force of impact I want to change the material color of the object, softer impact being green, medium = yellow, hard = red and critical being black. I am a total novice and pulling at straws to get this to work. Using C#

That’s pretty easy. It is as simple as having OnCollisionEnter (Collider other) method. This method is called on every just-made collision. The you’ll need a variable which saves your force/speed. To do this you just need to save your previous position and substract it the new one. Then at the moment of collision you should check for their numbers. E.g:

public void OnCollisionEnter (Collider other) {
    if (speed.x < 3)
        color = green;
    else if (speed.x < 6)
        color = yellow;
    else if (speed < 9)
        color = red;
        color = black;

This is only for one direction though. But you can simply make it. Hope it helps :slight_smile: