Trying to create a volume scatter effect.

A while ago I tried to create a volume scatter effect for a 3d sort of cursor. For a example of what to imagine, I later saw something very similar, if not the exact thing in Fortnite: 143918-4.png

I made the effect once in blender changing the volume of the material, but when trying to export it to Unity it said that I can’t export volume related things of materials. Would there be a way to recreate this effect in Unity?

I swiftly remade the effect in Blender to get an idea of how it works:

Link to how it looks (coultn’t attach more images):



Volumetric rendering is a pretty advanced rendering technique, in particular for realtime rendering. Blender and Unity do not use the same rendering architecture, so you can’t quite directly port features from one and expect them to work in the other.

As it is, Unity only has built-in support for volumetric rendering in HDRP (and from memory, that’s only for light sources, so you’d need to use an area light to achieve that effect). Aura is a free VL implementation for Unity with support for injection volumes (which you can use to do the above), but I wouldn’t use volumetric rendering for this. You’ll find it is way too expensive and there are a multitude of much easier and cheaper alternatives that will get you to the same place. For example, you could use a cylinder with a custom shader that emits a colour and fades with its height - which I actually did for a project some time ago;

I would look around for holographic effects and shaders online, there should be some good ones out there.