Trying to download and run the Samples from psl-content repo

Looks like the last time these were updated was 7 months ago.

The project is set up to run on 2022.3.5f1.

We attempted to run the Samples with the recommended LTS version 2022.3.19f1 and were getting compilation errors.

I installed the 2022.3.5f1 editor and tried to run the project, and still got errors, but that is likely on me. I do NOT know what I am doing in Unity yet, much less Vision OS.

Now that the support for Vision OS dev is out of beta, is there a plan to update that Samples from GitHub - Unity-Technologies/psl-content: A collection of sample content for the PolySpatial team.?

I suppose this could be good exercise in debugging, but hoping y’all have plans to provide some up to date samples.

Thanks much!

Yay! I think I figured it out.

For any other Unity n00b out there, this is what threw me off.

I was trying to clone the git repo I mentioned and open it in Unity.

Not sure what that repo is and why it exists, but I followed the instructions here in this other post to install the “PolySpatial Included Samples”.

Once those were installed, I was able to:

  • Go to the Asset browser in Unity Editor
  • Double click to upen one of the scenes
  • Go to Build Settings and click the “Add open scenes to build”
  • After that, once I had the new PolySpatial PlayToDeviceHost installed, I was able to run from Unity and the sample content is showing up in the simulator!

I think I have answered my own question, hope this helps someone else!