Trying to get a ball to bounce realistically in 2D.

So my game has the player control a paddle with the mouse and they have to keep a ball in the air. If you push the paddle up to the ball to hit it I expect the ball to bounce off from the force but it just moves with the paddle till you move it away. I’ve tried to mess around with values and it seems to help a little bit but not exactly. I hope this makes sense, I’m not sure if this would be a thing I have to program to do or if I can just mess with Unity to get those results. Thanks everyone!

I think you should post your code, seems like ForceMode.Force needs to be applied to the balls rigid body at the collision position on collision. Pretty much as Arpian says below whereas your ball must be a rigid body, or you need to access it rigidbody component… but still ForceMode.Force seems like the right choice as well.

yourBall.AddForce(transform.Vector3(direction you want it to bounce) * speed * Time.deltaTime);
Direction is usually perpendicular from the collision spot.
Also check your ball’s mass in rigidbody. If it bounces too slow, shrink down everything in your scene to 0.1. And well, play with that object size value.