Trying to get buttons and other UI to work


I’m trying to have a window pop on app open before 3d objects spawn in the scene. For some reason I cannot get the UI to work. In my current implementation I have a canvas inside the volume camera, if there’s a better way to pop a window please let me know haha. Have canvas set to world space. Do I need to add colliders to the button or change the configuration in the event systems?


You shouldn’t need to add colliders to the button; those are added automatically (for raycastable Images/RawImages). You do need to use the InputSystemUIInputModule, which creating a new EventSystem should prompt you to do:

If you have that setup and UI input still doesn’t work, you can submit a bug report with a repro project, let us know the incident ID (IN-#####), and we can take a look at what might be going wrong.

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I tried that a couple times and finally found out to make the button selectable. In the editor the Event System’s Input System UI Input Module Actions Asset was changing to Play Mode during run time which didn’t allow me to select, now when I change to default when running, the button is selectable.

Although the button is selectable, it is not working with the code on click, maybe after like a 100 clicks it will work. I just have a simple script to close window pop up on click, just setting the game object false. Am I possibly missing something else? Maybe a raycast issue? Appreciate it.

oh jeez, I had a raycast target on panel inside canvas along with in button, classic error. Case solved. Thanks for your response.

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