Trying to get Decals working - getting the message "The current renderer has no Decal Feature added" when I'm pretty sure I added a decal feature to the renderer

I’m on Unity Editor 2022.3.1f1 on Pop OS.

I’ve been trying to fiddle about with Decal Projectors on the Universal Render Pipeline, and ran into an obstacle early on: Unity doesn’t seem to know that I’ve added Decals to the URP.

Following the instructions here, I’ve added a decal feature to the Universal Renderer settings. (As a new user I can’t post more than 1 screenshot at a time, but I’ll put it in another post mb?)

But then when I add a URP decal projector to a gameobject in the scene, I get the message “The current renderer has no Decal Renderer feature added”

Clicking the “open” button seems to take me to the Universal Renderer setting instance that has decals added.

I feel I’m probably doing something really stupid or missing something, but what is it? How do I get past this in order to use Decals? My googling isn’t finding that many people with a similar problem, and chatgpt was useless as per usual. Any ideas?

Open Project Setting.
Double ´click in Graphics URP-HIGHFidelty (Universal Render Pipeline Asset) or wich one you choose.
In the Inspector double click URP-HigFidelity Render (Universal Renderer Data) -
at the bottom add Renderer Feature = Decal