Trying to get video file to play on Android (works with one video, not another), hear audio but no video.

Alright so I have the Google Cardboard SDK and set up a 3D 360 video (one sphere for each eye/camera). Using the Easy Movie Texture asset.

I have one mp4 file that was native to some 360 camera that plays fine. It’s lower res.

Now I have a new 2304x2304 video (different camera. split so the top half is L eye, bottom is R eye) - It was originally an mp4 file but it wouldn’t play on Android. The Audio played but no video.
Then I tried re-rendering the video so it was an H.264 mp4 file. Still no dice. Same thing - no video, only audio.

What am I doing wrong? The supported filetypes listed for Android has H.264 listed.

The app runs fine on my computer but no dice with video on an Android. It’s a newer phone as well so it should be working.

Should I convert the file to something else? I’m not really sure where to go from here. I can try to split the video into two files (one for each eye) instead of using one square video, but 2304x2304 doesn’t seem to be that huge, I figured it should be working…

Any ideas?
I’m not really sure where to go from here… I keep pumping out builds and I hate to keep asking my coworker to test it on his phone so I figured I’d post here and maybe get a definitive answer.

Thanks everyone!

I’m lowering the res a bit and using Adobe Media Encoder to render out H.264 with the Android presets. I also split the video into 2, one for each eye - I’ll see if this works but if anyone has a definitive answer I’d still love to hear it. They should be able to play 4k video so I’m not sure what the big deal is with this video. Since the audio plays the only thing I can think of is that the video codec is wrong on the H.264 or something like that.