Trying to Invoke Void when Void has Stuff in Parameters - Easy Question

This is an easy question and I searched google and could not find something that fitted what I need. The forums say you need a string but I just can’t get it to work. This is a dumb question that I cannot figure out. I want to call SaveGame and I have SaveGame(); but I think I need to put something in those parameters but I just don’t know. I get the no overload for method ‘SaveGame’ takes ‘0’ arguments error. Can someone help me out? Thank you in advance.

void signin()
	void SaveGame (ISavedGameMetadata game, byte[] savedData, TimeSpan totalPlaytime) {
		ISavedGameClient savedGameClient = PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.SavedGame;

		SavedGameMetadataUpdate.Builder builder = new SavedGameMetadataUpdate.Builder();
		builder = builder
			.WithUpdatedDescription("Saved game at " + DateTime.Now);
		if (savedImage != null) {
			// This assumes that savedImage is an instance of Texture2D
			// and that you have already called a function equivalent to
			// getScreenshot() to set savedImage
			// NOTE: see sample definition of getScreenshot() method below
			byte[] pngData = savedImage.EncodeToPNG();
			builder = builder.WithUpdatedPngCoverImage(pngData);
		SavedGameMetadataUpdate updatedMetadata = builder.Build();
		savedGameClient.CommitUpdate(game, updatedMetadata, savedData, OnSavedGameWritten);

Well, the SaveGame() function is defined in the script you posted. There, you can see the signature looks like this:

 void SaveGame (ISavedGameMetadata game, byte[] savedData, TimeSpan totalPlaytime) {...}

In order to call it, you need to pass in 3 arguments of the following types:

  • An ISavedGameMetadata object
  • A byte array
  • A TimeSpan object

So, no, you can’t call it simply using “SaveGame()”…