Trying to load a reference to a model inside a script rather then dragging into the inspector

Right now I am making a turn based strategy game with alot of components that go into different parts.
Each “Character” has a list of stats such as health and strength etc.
My only issue is trying to load in a model from inside my asset folder to the model in the script.
if I made it in the Hierarchy I could just drag it into it and let it work that way, but I am trying to get it so the script itself handles grabbing the model from the assets folder.

Model = (GameObject)Resources.Load(“Main_Character”) as GameObject;

For the sake of testing I put the Main_Character Prefab outside of all the other folders but it still cant seem to find it.

This is probably a stupid error but thanks for whoever trys to help me out

Maybe it’s working, but you need also instantiate object?