Trying to make a game like Tomba 2 but add something new

Will I need someone to help me to get started in scripting so I can take the 2D tutorial and make some movements like Tomba 2 and little big planet (LBP)? The game that I am trying to make will be more like Tomba 2 then LBT but I like how l LBP characters can not only move right but back and forth. Here is a list of stuff that I will like to accomplish in this game An inventory menu GUI interface with items that you can use or are used for quest that will also give me the ability to add new items at will.

Back and forth movement as well the regular 2d movement.
The 2d character will have the ability to turn corners without getting rid of the back and forth movement
A script that will allow the character to have item affects like Tombas turbo pants (that make him move faster and jump higher)

This is all I cant think of at the moment if you can help me please answer my question

How far did you get on your project?