Trying to make a Quiz Game

Okay so I have setup a QuestionData script with a class named questionText and I later referenced that in my GameController script and I could not get the two questionText to talk to each other or the path is not set.
So it looks like this:

I know something is wrong, because I have everything the game setup, but the Question is not being displayed. Answers are clickable and the clock works but I cant get the Question to work. If I have not displayed enough info, please let me know and I’ll provide it very quickly.

First things first, is the question simply not showing? or are you actively getting an error log out in the console (if so please include the error in your post).

If there is no error then the issue is purely with your displaying the question. I’d advise the following.

First double check you display, make sure your label is visible, and at runtime check to see if its value is set but something like font size/line wrap is causing it to not be visible in the label area (things like this may seem obvious but are very often easily missed mistakes).

Secondly add some Debug.Log() calls to your code, log out questionData.questionText and then log out questionDisplayText.text just to confirm that the value you are telling it to display is what you think it should be.

Thirdly if you have confirmed that the text value is what you expect, and that the text display should be displaying it, search your code for anywhere else that might be resetting the value of questionDisplayText.text and put a log before it if you find one just to check and make sure that your text display is not just getting immediately reset.

Let me know if any of this helps or if you are still experiencing issues.