Trying To Make Burger Builder

Hello! I am looking to create a part in my vr game where you put the ingredients of a burger together to serve to customers. I have tried using fixed joints, and they do work to connect ingredients, but they seem to break when I try to move them, always snapping back to where they started. I was wondering if there was any other solution?

Have you considered to simply assing the next ingredient as child of the previous one?

So something like:

  //attach patty on top of Bun:
  Patty.transform.parent = Bun.transform;
  //add a slight offset to make it appear on top but in relation to the bun:
  Patty.transform.localPosition = Vector3(0,0.1f,0);

  //attach Salad on top of Patty:
  Salad.transform.parent =  Patty.transform;
  //again, add an offset:
  Salad.transform.localPosition = Vector3(0,0.01f,0);

Code ofc just an example to try and explain what i mean by setting things as children. You’ll have to mash this into your existing code.