Trying to refer to my Scripts, not working...?

Hey, I have a working script that dissables MouseLook, CharacterMovement etc. And displays in the screen Menu, and Respawn. The thing is that i did not write it entirely and I was playing around thinking that i can improve it and disable more actions from the player (because in the respawn menu i can still turn a flashlight on and of (flashlight is a simple light in the MainCamera), and my HideMouseCursor it’s still hided, when it should be visible to click “Menu” or “Respawn”.
Well the problem is that i tried to disable this scripts in the same way the other scripts where disabled, and it doesn’t work in that way…, the Console shows this error :

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
RespawnMenu.Update () (at Assets/Scripts Mios/RespawnMenu.js:30)

This is the Script, the Bold lines are the lines that i writed, and are not working…(PD: Sorry for my English haha):

var lookAround01 : MouseLook;
var lookAround02 : MouseLook;
var charMotor : CharacterMotor;
var charMotor2 : FPSWalkerEnhaced;
**var HideCursor : HideMouseCursor;
var FlashlightHide : FlashLight;**

static var playerIsDead = false;
function Start ()  
    lookAround01 = gameObject.GetComponent(MouseLook);
    lookAround02 = GameObject.Find("MainCamera").GetComponent(MouseLook);
    charMotor = gameObject.GetComponent(CharacterMotor);
    charMotor2 = gameObject.GetComponent(FPSWalkerEnhaced);
    **HideCursor = gameObject.GetComponent(HideMouseCursor);
    FlashlightHide = gameObject.GetComponent(FlashLight);**

function Update ()  
    if (playerIsDead == true)
        lookAround01.enabled = false;
        lookAround02.enabled = false;
        charMotor.enabled = false;
        charMotor2.enabled =false;
        **HideCursor.enabled =false;
        FlashlightHide.enabled =false;**

function OnGUI ()
if (playerIsDead == true)
    if (GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width*0.5-50, 200-20, 100, 40), "Respawn"))
    if (GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width*0.5-50, 240, 100, 40), "Menu"))
        Debug.Log("Return to Menu");
function RespawnPlayer ()
     Debug.Log("Respawn Player");
@script RequireComponent(CharacterController)

The obvious answer is that the game object doesn’t actually have those scripts on it (or one is missing).

call Debug.Log(HideCursor); and the same for FlashlightHide immediately after you assign them to see if they’re null or not.

Ok I found the solution to the flashlight here is what i did:)

var FlashlightHide : FlashLight;
FlashlightHide = GameObject.Find(“FlashLight”).GetComponent(FlashLight);
FlashlightHide.enabled =false;

The HideCursor thing didn’t work, but i’m happy with the flashlight at least:)

The HideMouseCursor Script is attached to the player, i tried this and it still doesn’t work:

var HideCursor : HideMouseCursor;

HideCursor = GameObject.Find(“Player”).GetComponent(HideMouseCursor);

HideCursor.enabled =false;

PD: The cursor Script:

function Update () {
Screen.showCursor = false;