Trying to rotate monster towards my guy, but its 90 degrees off

so i have this script attaced to a monster:

var rotationSpeed: float = 30;
function Update () {
allObjects = FindObjectsOfType (GameObject);
for (var child : GameObject in allObjects) {    
dist = (transform.position - child.transform.position).magnitude;    
if (dist < 10) {     
if( == "Player"){
var Pos = transform.position-child.transform.position;
var Rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(Pos);



and when i walk closeto the monstr he rotates towards me, but hes facing 90 degrees the wrong way (He faces to the right of me). I tryed adding in a line like trasform.y = transform.y-90; butit kept the rotation of the object facking backward and non movable, so please help

You might want to use Transform.LookAt instead. Your "Pos" variable should simply be the position of your player if you use Transform.LookAt, or it should be child.transform.position-transform.position for your Quaternion.LookRotation approach.

transform.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(child.transform.position-transform.position);