Trying to save/load game, codes doesnt do anything. not even an error.

UnityScript is my language of choice.

Im trying to write a save/load function, but when i type what ive seen everyone else type it doesnt work, no saving, no loading, it doesnt debug.log and it doesnt error. ive been thinking on this for a few hours and still dont know where to even begin. any thoughts?

and please write in a way thats easy to understand, i have a rough time understanding others. (thats why i STILL cant understand the tutorials i read) replies, especially explaining how code works should be simple or “idiot proof” if you will…

Please and thank you.

this is my code (excluding most things unrelated to the question)

I am trying to copy my variables values and paste into playerprefs i think… and then call the values from the playerprefs later/after restarting the application.
however neither happen and as i said before, no errors in the compiler.

        public var playerCurHp : float;
        public var playerMaxHp : float;
        public var playerCurMp : float;
        public var playerMaxMp : float;
        public var playerCurExp : float;
        public var playerMaxExp : float;
        public var playerLevel : float = 1;
        public var str : float = 1;
        public var atk : float = 1;
        public var def : float = 1;
        public var vit : float = 1;
        public var mag : float = 1;
        playerCurHp = 100;
        playerMaxHp = 100;
        playerCurMp = 100;
        playerMaxMp = 100;
        playerCurExp = 1;
        playerMaxExp = 20;
        regenTime = Time.time;

    		PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("playerLevel", playerLevel);
    		PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("playerMaxExp", playerMaxExp);
    		PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("playerCurExp", playerCurExp);
    		PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("playerMaxHp", playerMaxHp);
    		PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("playerCurHp", playerCurHp);
    		PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("playerMaxMp", playerMaxMp);
    		PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("playerCurMp", playerCurMp);
    		playerCurExp = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("playerLevel");
    		playerCurExp = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("playerMaxExp");
    		playerCurExp = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("playerCurExp");
    		playerCurExp = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("playerMaxHp");
    		playerCurExp = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("playerCurHp");
    		playerCurExp = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("playerMaxMp");
    		playerCurExp = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("playerCurMp");

Well, you have the same code twice for GetInt(“PlayersCurExp”), and I don’t think you’re setting the correct values either. But the big problem is probably the fact that you’re setting PlayersCurExp and PlayersMaxExp as Floats, and then retrieving them as Ints. If you SetFloat, you should GetFloat, not GetInt.