trying to set a javascript variable from c sharp

I am using C Sharp to connect to a Smartfox Server and pull data from a mysql database. When the data is returned (the users display name) I want to set this information to the variable declared in the javascript file.

public void OnExtensionResponse(object data, string type) {
    if(type == "xml") {
        SFSObject dataObject = (SFSObject)data; 
        switch ( dataObject.GetString("_cmd") ) { 
            case "logOK": 
                GameObject.Find("LoginCreds").GetComponent(UserInformation).user_display_name = dataObject.GetString("user_display_name");
            case "logKO": 
                loginErrorMessage = dataObject.GetString("err"); 

Everything is working perfectly with the exception of the 'GameObject.Find... line. I get the following errors -

Assets/Game/Scripts/C Sharp/LoginGUI.cs(99,84): error CS0103: The name `UserInformation' does not exist in the current context

Assets/Game/Scripts/C Sharp/LoginGUI.cs(95,25): error CS0163: Control cannot fall through from one case label to another

Is it even possible to do this? Or should I just accept the fact that I'm going to have to walk away from Javascript and program the entire system in C Sharp?

You can call one language from another - but they have to be compiled in the right order for access. See Accessing Javascript from C# for more details.

(Despite the name of the Question, it explains compilation order, and so applies to calling either language from the other.)