Trying to set up a dictionary with multiple values per key

From what I reading I don’t understand why it doesn’t work like this

Dictionary <char, string>  newDict = new Dictionary <char, string>  ();

then I add entries

but if I want multiple values why it wouldn’t be (I added an int value for ex)

Dictionary <char, **int,** string>  (same as above)

also how do I call dictionary item

example [ if (blah blah blah) { intVariable1 =; stringVariable1 = newDict.key1.string; }

This is not how Dictionaries work. Its a mapping between a single key, and a single value.
If you want to store multiple values per key, then you have two options.

One is to have a dictionary for your ints, and a dictionary for your strings. The other is to create a container for your int/string pair (struct or class), and then create a dictionary with that container type as the value.