Trying to simulate mudpiles or sand drip with particle effect - what should my strategy be?

I’m trying to simulate an effect where a soft structure, like mudpiles or sand drips (see here) accumulates on a plane.

I think there’s a way to fake it acceptably through the Unity particle system and its collision properties - if I can find a way to “pile” the particles somehow after they collide with the plane or each other.

Here’s an example of what I mean (this is a sand drip):

This is what I mean by the particle system: Unity particle pile - YouTube
Right now the particles are just overlapping. But if I can find a way for them to somehow stack, I believe I can “fake” adequately the strange combo of liquid + solid that is the hallmark mud piles.

I also think the particle system will be the cheapest performance wise for this (it’s a mobile VR concept).

I’m wondering if:

  1. I’m on the right track here?
  2. Is the solution to create an
    invisible plane and have it shift up
    as particles pile up, so the next
    set of particles “appears” to be
    stacked on top of the previous one?
  3. should I be adding some kind of
    rigidbody or softbody component to
    the particles? I worry this will
    create gaps in the stacking and be

This is the first question I ask about Unity so please ask for follow-ups in the comments. And I apologize for vagueness.

Hi I’m trying to achive the same effect I was wondering if you found a way to achive this?

Hey, I’m trying to achive the same thing. Did you manage to find out how you can do it?