Trying to spawn players in multiple starting positions

Hi, I am a student. My group is developing a game in which the main players start in different areas (within their own respective maze). We are all new to Unity. I have done the Multiplater Networking tutorial.

The issue appears to be that the Network Manager only has one Player Prefab spot.

I considered placing each play’s maze in its own scene, but then I do not know how to concurrently run those multiple scenes at once.

I also considered simply adding the other players in the Registered Spawnable Prefabs section in the Network Manager (if I kept all mazes in one scene).

Or finally, I was thinking about having each player start in the same screen where there are doors that will transport them to the starting location of their maze (with each door only allowed to be used once).

If anyone could please direct me to a tutorial, or give me some advice, I would really appreciate it.

Have you reviewed the Merry Fragmas series?

Watch the video, from at least 19:00

Network Manager > Spawn Info: set Player Spawn Method to “Round Robin”

This would set them to all different locations, but may give you some food for thought.