trying to start making a fighting game... Where to start?

I’m trying to start making a fighting fantasy based game to play but am unable to find exactly where to start. Basically all I need is command prompt choose this path etc etc. To start I would like to make it a blank/no animation design and as my skills improve I would like to make it 2d. If someone could give me a starting location or just what the correct name for the game I’m describing so I can continue researching.
Please and thank you! Very Respectfully, Brett

tormento comment: I edited your post title. Try to make titles clear to know whats inside the post!

Hello Brett!

You should commence by watching some tutorials to have an idea of the whole process.

You canc ommence by:

Good luck!

Thank you tormentoarmagedoom - one thing I keep coming back to is though I don’t want to make animations I just want to make command prompt choice selections to move through the options. Is unity mostly for animated games or can I use it to set up what I am trying to do.